My thoughts on palm trees

I was thinking about it. Palm trees are so indicative of Los Angeles, they are everywhere. Most streets you go down have palm trees lining the sidewalks. When you think of LA its palm trees. They are tall and skinny and have crazy hair, they all look a bit different but mostly are the same. Its just like people in LA! They have shallow roots and arent even from here. Most people in LA are transplants like myself, I guess I just didnt know that we were all so similar. Image

Wisdom is Love

I was listening to Atlas Sound and the woman kept singing this over and over and it really resinated with me. I have been going through so many changes lately and sometimes I lose wisdom or choose to listen to some other part of me. Its like I have been in a battle with myself for a while now, and overall the wisdom is love. Love is really a special thing that I never really let myself know about. I always hid from it, or put my walls up to block it. I never really knew I did that until recently, when I did finally let some love in. It is magically. I cant believe I have  been missing out on this for my whole life. Its like the wool has been taken off my eyes and I can now see Love and all its splendor that people talk about. I always could understand but never had any idea of what they felt, when I saw madly in love people together. i just always thought they were kinda annoying and showed too much PDA. Now I realize that its infectious when your in love, real love, not lust. When you have such love for someone and share such a bond it just shines. 



Is this a dream?

I cant believe that I actually live in Hollywood. Its weird because its been something I have been planning for so long, but it never felt real until now. I finally packed up the rest of my stuff from Humboldt and brought it to my new house. After I got in last night, I unpacked a bit and made the place feel a bit more homey. Today my cousins and I went to Malibu today to go chill out and enjoy the sun. Its been like 80 degrees down here! Wild! 100 percent the opposite of Humboldt during January. I couldnt be more pleased. I am gonna add some new pics I took while I was out and about. Hope you enjoy them!

Malibu Sunset
It wasnt the best sunset, but it was mighty pretty....



So I moved to Los Angeles last week and I have no idea what to do with myself or for a job or anything, so I decided to just write about it all. I am not going to be boring or anything, but maybe post pictures, or a little something about my day or that I learned.

One of the dopest things I did was go to Malibu the other day and really got to reconnect with the ocean. I stood there feet in the freezing cold water and just let it soothe me and all my worries. Its hard moving from the woods to the city. I feel like I am on vacation, but I am broke and can not do anything. Oh well. Things will change soon enough.

Here are some pics so far..