Wisdom is Love

I was listening to Atlas Sound and the woman kept singing this over and over and it really resinated with me. I have been going through so many changes lately and sometimes I lose wisdom or choose to listen to some other part of me. Its like I have been in a battle with myself for a while now, and overall the wisdom is love. Love is really a special thing that I never really let myself know about. I always hid from it, or put my walls up to block it. I never really knew I did that until recently, when I did finally let some love in. It is magically. I cant believe I have  been missing out on this for my whole life. Its like the wool has been taken off my eyes and I can now see Love and all its splendor that people talk about. I always could understand but never had any idea of what they felt, when I saw madly in love people together. i just always thought they were kinda annoying and showed too much PDA. Now I realize that its infectious when your in love, real love, not lust. When you have such love for someone and share such a bond it just shines. 



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