Opening my 3rd Chakra

When I moved into my new apartment in Hollywood I met my new neighbors H & K. They were two girls, one H who is around the same age as me, the other the age of my roommate. I was delighted by the fact that I had cool girls living next door and hoping that one day we would all get to hang out and I would have a new friend in LA.

After talking with H for a while, I learned she was a practicing Buddhist. She told me of how her “church” gets together and chants. Automatically I felt excited about that. I always had the feeling that I should be chanting, but never really knew how to start. I have started chatting OM but I knew there was something more. So yesterday I was chatting with H and she told me she was joining her other friend to chant today, and I was invited if I wanted. I accepted the offer and got excited about my new awakening to be had.

This morning I woke up peppy and ready to go chant with my new friends. We walked into this woman’s house in Beachwood Canyon and chatted a bit about their religion. I never really thought of mediation or chanting as religious, even though it is. I was raised Catholic and that was always too religious for me, so I guess Ive trained myself to think this is different; its not.

This religion is religious. They read from a bible, they have priests, they have a leader (they call president) and they pray to pictures. Its very interesting to me on how people can argue and have so much hate over religion, when its all the same shit. But thats for a different day…

So I got this book to read out of called The Lotus Sutra. It had a bunch of words and symbols Ive never seen before. We chanted together for 5 minutes, and I tried to sing along, but couldn’t keep up with their brisk and practiced pace. So I decided to listen and be present and just meditate with them. They stopped after about 5 minutes, and went on to read from the book. Afterwards they went back and started chanting again. This time I could follow along and actually felt the benefits immediately. I could feel the vibration of my voice as well as theirs. It was as if we all became one together. Our tones matched as well as using singing bowls. I loved how much I felt connected at that moment. I even kept going longer than the two girls, and was asked to stop. I was lost in the music and energy flow.

I went back home and decided to read a yoga magazine and keep myself in that vibration, but grew very tired all of a sudden. I couldn’t stay awake and fell back asleep for 2 hours and could barely pull myself together to wake up. It was as if I was under a spell or something. I finally snapped out of it, and felt like myself again.

Overall I do feel the benefits of chanting through out today and really enjoy this feeling. I was invited to go back on Friday when there is a larger group and chant for 2 hours. I am going to go check it out, and will report back to you, my reader.

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