Chanting pt 2

Today was the second day I chanted in my life. Today was different than the first day for sure. I knew what I was in for, I knew the routine, the sound, the words, the vibes. Today wasn’t a ceremony, today was strictly chant. It was an open house from 10-Noon to come and go as you please and chant. People kept coming in and I sat there. I got really into it for a moment in time. I felt myself float away and have a deep meditative experience. I learned something new, and then woke up. It was 10:23. I  had only chanted for 23 minutes? I was kinda disappointed in myself for only spending 23 minutes , but then I reminded myself that this wasn’t a race. This was for me to look inside myself and listen. And thats exactly what happened. Who cares why I got pulled out of it, or that I couldn’t go back. The point is that I went there, and felt something and gained wisdom. 

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