Tonight I went to see Spiritualized at the Wiltern with my friend Vadim. It was one of those things that just felt right. He had mentioned it earlier in the week, and I had considered it, but semi blew it off. I then heard KCRW giving away tickets the other day and I waited for a while, and as soon as they told you to call in my phone rang and I missed my opportunity. Then today I got the text about going. This morning I felt super sick and almost canceled. I later mentioned not feeling so well and would decide later. All of a sudden around 5pm I felt better. Like nothing had happened to me, so I decided to go.

I didn’t have a ticket. The plan was to buy one from a scalper, and hope to not pay too much. As soon as I walked up to the venue an older homeless looking man said, “ticket for sale, floor” I stopped and asked how much, he wanted 20, I only had 15 on me, and we made a deal. Easy peasy. You may be asking yourself why on earth am I adding so much boring detail to how I got to the show. Well heres why….

I ran into a girl Audrey that I had randomly met at the Z Trip show at the MOCA. Audrey and I had a very unique connection immediately. As the night was ending, after hours of dancing it was time to go. I reached in my pocket and I felt a Rose Quartz stone that I was carrying around with me. As soon as I felt it, I knew it was meant for her. I went over to her and handed her the stone, and told her it was for her. She smiled, gave me a huge hug and told me she would never forget me. We talked about hoping to meet again sometime. And tonight we did.

As soon as I walked into the show she was the very first person I saw. It was like magic. I could’t believe how much I was meant to go to this show. Serendipity at its best for sure. We exchanged numbers and now will begin what I believe to be a very important friendship. I love that the universe brings people together no matter what. I trust that I will always get what I need, when I need it. I hope this helps you feel the same way too.

PS. The show was amazing. It was a spiritual experience and I hate to say that because it sounds lame, but its true. It was so powerful and intense, and really changed my life. I urge you to go see them sometime in your life. But until then listen to this song, because live it just blows your mind.

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