Sally sells secrets by the seashore

Its always been so interesting to me to see when there is a blog post or article written about some unknown journal or scribble that someone who is famous in the artistic world did. Like when you find out someone had Kurt Vonneguts hidden notebook everyone goes apeshit over it. Don’t get me wrong I understand why they do, its the secret look into someones life. You get to see how they wasted a few minutes doodling around, or maybe their deepest secret thoughts. Now this brought up an interesting ideas to me, one being that should we all keep all this weird shit so that one day someone can find it and sell it to our fans? Also being that if there were secret journals that they were secret for a reason. We all have our secrets and our dark thoughts, or even just silly thoughts, either way they are ours. 

Secrets are notoriously known for being bad or unwanted, but yet every single person has them and its healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that secrets that matter are good, just those little secret thoughts, or silly thing we did the other day that nobody knows about. It keeps us, us. We should always have relationships with ourselves as well as other people, but the one with ourself is the most important. We keep ourself in check. We know the truth, we make the decisions. These secrets keep us individuals. 

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