Truth? Lies? Videotape?

In this day and age of the internet, where Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many others rule most peoples lives, how do we know what is true? 

Ive been seeing articles come across my social networking and news sources discussing how they feel the Sandy Hook shootings are a hoax. When I first read that headline I was disgusted. How could someone even say such horrible things about one of the most tragic things to happen? Not that I believe that its untrue, but it did bring up the topic, how do I know? 

We are so trained at this point to believe news from sources like Twitter that most people never even go back to fact check. They just blindly believe it all. Now some might say thats not true, but I know several people, including myself at times that would disagree. I will admit I am not a news junky. I actually dislike most media coverage and think that it causes us to be more paranoid, upset and exposed to things we really should never see. Fear is the main tactic with the news, in my opinion. 

So the question still is, how do we know what/who/where to trust? I am assuming we can say CNN or Huffington Post but aren’t they just part of the cog too? Technology is a blessing and a curse to say the least. Too much information leads to too much sorting out. Many of us don’t have the time or even the will to do so. I am not claiming to have an answer, it was just a question that has popped up that I wanted to share with you all. Maybe you have an idea or thought to help with this seemingly unanswerable question. 

Any and all thoughts are welcome! 

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