Lessons upon lessons…

I banked my whole move on a restaurant opening up in time, and of course it was mercury retrograde too…so of course its not opening yet. not until October now. i was getting so stressed about money, but this morning something told me to not worry. it will all be okay. then my cousin called and said she wants me to be her PA on her next shoot and im hoping that comes through. Id make enough to pay rent and my one car payment! yay!

I am extremely behind on my bills right now and scared, but i know i must keep the faith. worrying pushes things away. i need to write everyday and be open to opportunities i would not think of normally. I need to be okay with everything I am going through and learning.

Before I moved down here I was certain. Sure of myself. i knew what i was doing and i needed to do it now! it all was working itself out, and it all fell apart as soon as i landed. I need to re-find the faith I had in July and August in myself and my journey. Ive done everything besides work out that my intuition has told me to do. Working out is coming up next for me. I see it happening, it takes time to switch and I am ready and willing, but still a tad lazy like i said in my last post.

My tarot cards today were power and the fool. Both such intense cards and so in what i am doing and dealing with. Trust in my power and the journey. I am starting out fresh and I am working, just not enough for my “plans” and bills. I will survive it will work out. I will get that PA job and I will make a huge paycheck that covers me. I will also start working at the restaurant soon and make boat loads there as well.

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