Right by your side..?

I realized looking through old pictures that i “used” to be so hot, confident and happy. I had my ups and downs but i LIVED! I used to live a life. I would go out, i had lots of friends and traveled a ton. I would do things all the time, and I had fun. Now I feel like an ugly old lady who hides in her house all the time and is scared to live. this is from 5 years of being in a controlling, abusive relationship. I cant say he was alone in the abuse, I played my role too. But I ALWAYS tried to lift him up, ALWAYS was his support system, and he would be mine too, later. In the beginning of the relationship he used to tell me how I dressed and my makeup was lame and I was too old to be acting certain ways and he didnt a woman “like that”. He didnt make me change my phone number and stop talking to people, but would cause trouble and problems if I didnt. When I would get late night texts from guy friends on the west coast while on the east coast it would cause the worst fights. It was just easier for me to cut everyone off and avoid the fights. I would do anything to avoid a fight with him, but it always happened anyway because he didnt trust me. I did lie to him about something that happened before we met, but I made good on that, and then I felt like I needed to tell him every single thing that I did or that happened to me. He blamed me for so much of it and hated it. He never left me though, we just stayed in this pool of distrust and love mixed together. I never left him either, because I have a fear of abandonment and felt like he was my “one”. I couldn’t leave the love of my life. I stayed for almost 5 full years in what I can now look back and say was an extremely abusive relationship mixed with some of the most awakening times in my life. He taught me so much about myself and helped me look at my behaviors and how they weren’t how I wanted to be. He also was a mess himself and would blame me for things and still does actually. Its still my fault to him. He never said sorry because he thinks things were my fault. I thought so too for so long.

I was talking about one of the things that had happened between us and the person i was telling was shocked and could not believe i ever talked to him again after that happened, and it happened again two more times! I kept going back even though i had all the proof i shouldn’t. i couldn’t help myself. he was like a drug. i was addicted to the “love”. The “love” i was taught in my own household growing up. I didn’t know what real love was supposed to look like. My mother never showed me or taught me and anyone else who tried was sweet but it would all go away when I would be home in that house with that type of love. I only ever saw sharp tongues and mean looks and pushiness be shown as love. I never saw positive touch or even hugs. Was never told “I love you, goodnight” I didnt even ever feel worthy of love, until him. I was never good enough for him, and I now feel not good enough for anyone. I feel defective and ugly. I feel like I am destined to be alone forever, because its all I can handle. I feel like too much for anyone. He made me know I was too much for anyone else. I have countless emails from him saying “nobody will ever love you, you’ll never have anyone again”.

I can imagine him reading this in terror and shock that I feel this way being as though  we have been on good terms for a while. We officially ended things this summer, but remained friends since we’ve known each other since we were kids. He knew me best, and vice versa. I thought I needed him forever in my life, but the more the memories piled on and I remembered things that had happened and his reactions and behaviors towards me, I realized I needed to step back. I need to heal from the relationship. i don’t think he is a bad person, but i think people were right..we were like oil and water. Neither bad, we just didn’t mesh well. It made no sense to me for so long, since we were best friends and had so much fun. We really only ever had alone though. Anytime we were with other people he would be weird to me, and avoid me. He said its becauseI would cause a fight and I believed him. I don’t know what I believe anymore. I think that i was psychologically manipulated and scared due to my own mental health issues that I was just in a constant state of reaction to protect myself the only way I knew how, as well as loved the only way I knew how-through anger.

I wish you the best, I really do. I want you to be successful and fall in love and have children and make the best life ever. I want it for me too, I am scared I will never get it though. I am scared our time together stole that from me. I am scared I will never be pretty again or lovable. I am scared I will kill myself one day because of it all. I am scared you will kill yourself too.

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