Always trust your gut

Tonight i had a reminder to always trust my gut..I had had a feeling with a friend for many years that always somewhere in the back of my mind said “there is a darkness in there”. I got to feeling desperate about my living situation and was about to move in with this person. Yesterday there was a reminder of something that had happened 6 years ago that never sat right with me and tonight something happened that reminded me of someone else that I know isnt good for me. They are too alike. There is something off about it, and I am okay to be their friend, but not okay to live with them. I immediately spoke my truth about my feelings than said I cant live with you. They didnt argue. They knew I was seeing something inside they’ve tried to hide for many years. Its always there, the darkness. People show you themselves all the time you just need to trust your gut and feel confident in yourself.

This song goes out to you, friend. As well as other people Ive always believed I couldn’t trust and they’ve proven me right over the years


Moving forward…..

Ask and you shall receive. I am asking for an affordable place to live alone, close to my family for me and my dog that has a washer/dryer on site, a parking spot, a bath tub, in a safe neighborhood and nobody lives above me, and oh hardwood floors. No more than 1300. I will find this magical place and it will be mine. I am thinking November 1st. I can deal with this spot another 6 weeks while I save and get my place. It will come. I am asking and I will get it. I will wait for it to come. All the pieces will line up and I will have what I need and want.

My job will also start soon and come to me. I want to be working on productions. I want to be on set and waitress part time and keep working for my boss now. I want to have my hands in something artistic and something that makes me money and something comfortable to do on my own time. That would be those there things. I really want to work where I feel comfortable and makes me at least 250-300 a day. I will have enough money to take care of myself, my mental health and create a career as a healer. GOD do you hear me? I want these things. Tell me what I need to do to get them and I will listen. Thank you.

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