Music is my boyfriend

tonight i saw one of the most epic shows of my life. Its up there with radiohead at the tower and beach house in a church…Broken Social Scene. Ive love this band for so many years, and a dude I liked introduced me to them, and I kinda took it upon myself to love them in my own ways..I got to see them one time real quick in berkeley but tonight was tops. It was the end of their tour and they had the whole old gang back together. They were supposedly going to play “you forgot it in people” in its entirety, but instead played so many songs off all different albums and killed each one. The energy they had they energy the crowd had was so incredible. It was tangible. They were crying on stage, i was crying in the audience. It felt intimate and romantic. it was special. i know they thought it was special too. I feel so blessed to have been there. I wish I wasnt reminded of the las time i was there and who i saw play on that stage. i cant let go of some of those memories negative emotions. but i am trying to not let it all be ruined. there were good times too.


  1. (With horns)
  2. (La Force cover)
  3. (Stars cover)
  4. (Debut)
  5. (“Total Eclipse of the Heart” tag)
  6. Its all gonna break, sing along.

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