I have decided that for the next four months I am committing myself to working out, eating properly and working. thats all i am going to pay attention to. I will not worry about anything else except those things in the next few months. Purely focus on myself and my health. I have hired a trainer and tonight I joined a gym that has everything I want in it. I have also decided to just be the good solider. To listen to not question, to not think, to just do. Just do the 20 push ups, or just eat the 3 ounces of whatever. just do it so that I can see what happens if I actually do something different. This is something I really know nothing about and I have to admit defeat. I can’t do this shit on my own. I cant work out on my own. I will have a gym buddy for 3 days a week and a plan to know what to eat.

Tomorrow we start! Its going to be really hard and an intense journey, but i am willing to do it and sacrifice my time for a healthy body that is strong and can do yoga and have the life I want. Less weed and more steam rooms! release toxins and drink juice and be the me I imagine me to be! I can do it!