Growth & Change

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” – c.s. lewis

I read this quote and its exactly how I feel about us right now. We can’t change what happened between us, or during those years in our lives. As hard as they were, I wouldn’t want to. They made me who I am right now and I am grateful. We can only move forward and create something healthier that we are proud of. We could technically just be in the middle of our story currently…who knows?!

I hope talking to me has been feeling good to you. I trust if not, you will let me know.  I had been feeling a bit nervous and vulnerable about all my openness without knowing your feelings, but I worked through it and know that I wont know until I do, and may never, and thats okay. I found some old patterns wanting to emerge and take over since I hadn’t heard from you again yesterday. I really saw how easy it is for the mind to take over and go into habits that are unhealthy and that feed a part of me that doesn’t belong anymore. So many funny scenarios are created to try to sooth the beast of anxiety. I am glad I have the tools now to do so.

I truly hope you’re feeling okay. I am worried you’re back in the hospital and not feeling so well. Sending so much love and positive healing vibes your way. Hope to hear from you soon ❤

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