Full moon rising.

Today is the full moon.

I saw it coming up last night when i was driving home from work. It was enormous and beautiful! I have been feeling it intensely for the past few weeks. It feels like my life changed a few weeks ago.

Wanna hear something weird? End of Sept, I was at my cousin Brooke’s baby shower, (yes she’s married and having a baby…WILD AF) and I told her I had this feeling inside me like something was coming. I recalled feeling the same exact feeling a few days before I met you. I was in Philly and I kept feeling like something weird was happening. I had blamed it on nerves or anxiety, but I’ve felt similar versions of it before earthquakes and other random incidents, but this feeling was the same. So it feels fated that we are back in contact. I felt you coming both times. Brooke had said to me that maybe the feeling isn’t a bad feeling, maybe the sign of good things coming, change. I am going to choose to believe that. That good things and change are coming. I actually feel like its here. I feel different. I eat different. I act different. I am learning and growing, as usual.


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