Busy mental musings today

I started watching this show called This Way Up on Hulu. It has the wife from the Paul Rudd show. I really liked her, and in this she is really great too. She is entitled and kinda crazy. It’s interesting, it feels like you’re a fly on the wall of her life. She is so clueless to her interfering with peoples lives. Its cringe-worthy at times because I can see some of my old behaviors or things I feel the urge to do. Yet again beating the shit out of myself. At what point can you relax with self betterment? When can one stop examining oneself and just be? Is that a thing that can ever happen? My brain hates me sometimes, today is one of those days. My tongue is burning again..have I talked about that? A few weeks ago it was really burning a lot and then it went away. I thought it was maybe from the fires, but there aren’t any fires right now and so the only other thing I can think of is dehydration, so I am amping up my water today! I will see what happens.

I really hope tele-transportation happens in my lifetime. I would really like to jus think of a place and get to go there with the blink of an eye. How cool would that be? Like I could meet you at the movies and have dinner and then come back home. We could go to paris, or egypt for a few hours. wow. what a world that would be. Maybe i should write a story of all the adventures turtle and the fry would have with tele-transportation. ha i just had the funniest image in my head of those two walking around Paris and then on the beach in Cairo. hahaha. fry totally had a fake mustache ha! I don’t know why I keep mentioning Paris, because I really have no interest in going there haha. meh maybe i do?

Anyways, Today feels so weird..I have so many feelings. Mainly I feel anxious. I feel like I maybe overwhelmed you today with too much me! I heard you say you enjoy peaking in my life, but maybe it was too much..sorry..also sorry if that mitski message sounded mean, or judgmental…I’m sorry I am just honestly curious! Sending you hugs from across the states.

If I had a tele transporter that like could only go locally,  I would go to the hot tubs in the Korean spa. I would love to just blink myself there. They are the best, and one of my favorite places to go, but its so hard to pay $30 to sit in a few hot tubs and steam rooms for an hour or two. I should just go to the gym and go to the steam room and hot tub there, since I paid $42 for the month and I don’t think I went once last month and already haven’t so far this month. I should really do that. Its hard because the steam room is for both genders so you have to be in your suit, and you can really relax the same way when men are around too. Ugh fuck it I am for sure not doing that today lol…ok well maybe I will take a nap and do some art. or maybe not I can do whatever I want! How scary and beautiful all at the same time. bye

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