I am in mania, HARD. Its so fucking intense man. I never knew I had this illness, and i didn’t even believe it until yesterday. I mean the evidence was there, but there was still a part of me that felt like I maybe was being misunderstood and some doctor would come out of nowhere and let me know that its all been a misunderstanding and that I didn’t have a serious mental illness. That I was going to be okay if I just started to do this, or stopped doing that…Never would have to worry again. I would come out triumphantly and everyone who left me alone during this time would come back and be happy and we would all be a family again. Then yesterday happened.

Five days ago (Saturday 5/12) I completely lost my mind on the only person that talks to me daily and knows of my daily musings. I had woken up and had had enough. I still somehow got through the day and even went to a friends house for dinner. Its comes in waves. I can be completely there and normal and feeling fine, happy even, then a minute later crying so hard and feeling so much. Music brings the tears on FAST. Right now I am listening to Fiona Apple crying my eyes out, but ten minutes ago I was listening to Semi-Charmed Kinda Life dancing and cracking up. My emotions make me a rag doll and a rabid dog mixed together into one manic Melissa.

On the other side of the coin, I am feeling everything from everyone and even the world around me. I can cry thinking about drug addicts sitting on the corner. I was sobbing thinking of how misunderstood they are to themselves and their families, and if just if someone could go wake them all up to this, it would magically be solved. Crying desperately over why this cant happen and how sad the world is because of it. I am getting so much work done, I am constantly thinking of how to make work more efficient and easier for everyone. I am coming up with lots of ideas to write, draw, photograph, etc. I just still have zero patience to do any of it. I need to figure out how to harness this power I have inside me.

Yes, Power. Bi-polar can be a powerful tool if you know how to wield it properly. It is a delicate mix of exercise, artistic freedom, slowing down practices like Yoga and Tai Chi, a healthy  balanced diet as well as knowing your food allergies, journaling, therapy and patience with yourself.

I hear music different, I can feel exactly what the artist is trying to convey. I can see the journey the music is going on if i pay close enough attention. When talking to people I can see through their bullshit and its frustrating. When alone I want to numb it all because its too fucking much, so I smoke marijuana. I abuse the fuck out of that plant, and strictly on accident. I don’t know how to dose myself properly.  I only know how to just keep getting it every time I want it.

I recognize I have this and marijuana makes it better sometimes and can bring me back into my body and sometimes it can be worse and make me lose my mind.

365 days..

Today marks one whole entire year since i went into the mental hospital and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder (unspecified). Today one year ago changed my whole life. Today one year ago, I also stopped drinking alcohol, so yeah a year with no booze on top of it. I still smoked weed everyday, but that is coming to an end as well.

I wish I could say that today I find myself stronger and have overcome and got a whole new look and love of life. I can not. Only a few days ago I spend four days going though hours upon hours of contemplating killing myself and various ways to do it. I spent hours researching why I felt like I did and if it was possible to have a good quality of life. I still am not convinced i will have a good life. I think it will be a struggle every single day to just remain grounded and hold my emotions together. I think no matter what amount of medicine I take, its never going to be enough. It will always be a game of cat and mouse to keep me and my chemicals balanced.

I can’t even take care of myself. I get so desperate and cling to anything that comes by when I’m stressed because I have a high level of lifestyle that I keep. My OCD makes me feel unable to fully relax around anyone else, and to live in something small or gross or loud. I keep myself down and depending on others because its impossible for me to work a normal job and keep such a high standard of living. I am so broke. Yet, I will still go buy my friend a vodka for breakfast and eat at a diner instead of the hotel breakfast.Why? because the hotel breakfast looked gross and I wouldn’t eat it. Thats serious. I really wouldn’t eat it. So I keep myself down. I feel like it gets worse every year.

I wish I could be the poster girl of hard work can over come mental illness. I wish I had faith that I would be totally okay and “normal” again. I can’t. I am unsure if I ever will. I think anyone with mental illness would agree, there is no guarantee that we will find a way to live happily. We all want it, but truly our illness stops us. My illness stops me from having a good routine and feeling peaceful around other people. Its like how someone with  a serious physical can’t go out running and cook themselves healthy food. The illness stops you from it. If its not my emotions then its my mania. Then my mania turns into depression and my depression gets so bad until I finally pull myself together. I drag myself up and get strength and then have a few good weeks or sometimes only a full week of plans and diagrams and charts and journals of my progress. I “finally got it together!” to only fail on the slightest departure from my routine or plan. One day of extra laziness in the morning stops me from doing yoga anymore. One day. Its bananas. Its my illness. I don’t even know how to stop that cycle. I know its absurd, and I can “start today”! but for some reason I have yet to find a way to do it.

Nobody called or congratulated me. Nobody even checked in on me. I had 5 different people know of my deep darkness last week, and even left in a hurry the other morning to “go be alone” and never asked if I was okay. I even told several people that today was my anniversary of no booze and some of hospital. Nothing. No support. No encouragement. No good job! Nothing.

Why would someone like me want to keep fighting? what am i even fighting for? to fight? i fucking hate it. I want to be peaceful and quiet. I want to be safe and sound. I want to be stable. I want to be in my own world, if I have to. I want to not have to defend myself and my emotions all the time. I want to be seen and not judged.

How do I teach myself how to live?

Write something everyday

This is advice I’ve heard over the years and I decided to finally take it. I am on a new journey these days, and I thought this would be the best way to continue on my path to writing a book.

Ive been writing some poetry again, which has felt nice, but its quite depressing. I am feeling really sad and lonely. I miss my best friend, I miss my lover, my partner, my person. He’s gone and its my fault. So excuse any too depressive posts. I hope as time goes on, my posts become more and more uplifting. Thats my goal.

It never stops blowing now. you created this noise. i never knew it before i met you but its needed. the air fills the room with newness and hope. it helps you sleep, which now helps me sleep. it keeps me feeling close to you because i know you hear it too. you feel the flow move around the room. you hear the distraction it causes. so i pretend you are laying next to me, sleeping.

Life’s many unanswered questions…

I have been thinking a lot lately about purpose, more specifically my life’s purpose. It came to me in a meditation the other day that its time to fill the gap in my energy which is my purpose in life. I of course asked what is it? It was then told to me to be patient and it will come if I keep doing the work. The problem is how am I to know what it means to be doing the work? I assume it means keep doing the things I am doing, but what if its not enough? What if I am meant to be doing something more and I don’t know? I feel a bit dazed and lost when it comes to this subject. I’ve spent days recently researching life’s purpose. Watching TED talks, googling it, reading blogs. Still none of it resinates in me deeply enough to affect me.

Why am I asking you? Because maybe you have help for me. Maybe something you will say will help me get a better look at myself and my dreams. I think of dreams and what are dreams and what are mine? I would say being a homemaker and having a wonderful garden doing yoga and cooking. That is a dream of mine. I have no doubt I will have that dream one day, but its not a purpose. Thats just life. I need to do something fulfilling with myself that makes the world a little bit better. I need to help people, and connect and connect others to themselves. Hm maybe I just found. Connecting others to themselves. So how do I do that? I could be a yoga teacher and help connect them to their body. I could become a therapist and connect them to their past and help them let go. I could become a life coach and help them connect to the present. But for some reason none of these things sound right to me, and I wish I knew why. Its almost like I need to create a program from thin air, from my mind to help others. The problem is getting anyone to pay me for it. With no education on the subject besides my own personal school of hard knocks.

How do I spread my love and positivity with the world?

This is my question. Help me please.

Nothing but free time means…

I recently have realized I am bored. to. death. 

I have been thinking about what I should do with my free time, and I decided to start doing yoga, meditating and going on daily walks..for the first few weeks that seemed to do it. I felt great and was actually keeping a schedule and was busy. Now that time has passed and that  routine is firmly in place, I need something more. My job allows me to have weeks off at a time, even months sometimes, so I needed something until work comes back around. So I decided to start volunteering! Why not right? People need people to help them do things. The problem I came up with was where to start? I first went to KCRW’s winter pledge drive and answered phones. That was fabulous because I got to meet some cool new friends and got a free singed vinyl! I was stoked. It felt great to be out and about. Then after that high left, I felt low again. So after searching the web, I found I was looking around and there is just so many different options. 

I was talking with a friend about this and she had mentioned the Hospice program and how cool it would be to sit with people who are about to die, and help them in their last moments. I thought to myself, thats an excellent idea! I know I know it seems really morbid and extra hard, but Im not so sure I agree. I have a really great outlook on death. I think its part of the human experience and its very natural, especially when Hospice is involved. These people know they are dying soon, as do I. Why not sit with them for a while and talk with them, or read a book? I also consider myself to be very positive and have the tendency to make people feel better, so why not share it with the dying? They deserve it too. 

I went to Burbank today and talked with a woman and signed myself up! There isn’t anyone right now, but when someone wants someone like me I will get a call! I hope it comes soon, but yet don’t because that means someone is suffering. Its an odd juxtaposition. 

In the meantime I also reached out to a troubled teen home where they are looking for a poetry teacher. Im not sure I would be such a great teacher on that subject, but I know I would excel at listening and helping these girls. I just hope something comes soon, not only to cure my boredom but so that I can start helping people! 

A slice of a girls life…

Last night I watched the recent episode of HBO’s GIRLS and I am going to say it was the best episode yet. I have followed the show since the beginning and have always enjoyed watching Hannah and crew frolic around NYC. The show really speaks to 20 something girls, and being a 30 something I can safely say its on point! 

The show usually shows multi character plots and subplots, but last nights episode was quite the opposite. (Okay okay, Ray was in it for 3 minutes) The episode centered around Hannah and this hunky dude who she semi met at the coffee shop. He showed up all mad, left pissed off and Hannah went right up to him and knocked on the door. The two of them proceeded to have a discussion that quickly and abruptly turned into sex. 

I loved this because it was so true to life. How many times have people met and had a few days of sex locked up in a house? You enter this little bubble together where time and nothing else exists besides sleeping, eating and fucking. Its magic. 

In the episode things got real, real quick. Hannah realized she wanted happiness and kinda let it all hang out for her new friend to see. He obviously did not like that, being as though he was about 20 years older than her and was just enjoying himself. The most awesome part is that is what happens! You do something like that and it changes you. It awakens something inside you. It either can show you how much you want love and a partner or it shows you how much you do NOT want those things. Either way its a win-win situation of realization and change. 

What am I getting at here? Well I am not sure really, besides wanting to share my thoughts about a piece of television artistry. It just was so true to life, and that is quite rare on television these days. All the reality tv shows are meant to be real, but really are scripted and pieces of shit. Where as this show speaks to a generation that no other show is doing right now. So go watch it. See if you agree with me. 


Truth? Lies? Videotape?

In this day and age of the internet, where Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many others rule most peoples lives, how do we know what is true? 

Ive been seeing articles come across my social networking and news sources discussing how they feel the Sandy Hook shootings are a hoax. When I first read that headline I was disgusted. How could someone even say such horrible things about one of the most tragic things to happen? Not that I believe that its untrue, but it did bring up the topic, how do I know? 

We are so trained at this point to believe news from sources like Twitter that most people never even go back to fact check. They just blindly believe it all. Now some might say thats not true, but I know several people, including myself at times that would disagree. I will admit I am not a news junky. I actually dislike most media coverage and think that it causes us to be more paranoid, upset and exposed to things we really should never see. Fear is the main tactic with the news, in my opinion. 

So the question still is, how do we know what/who/where to trust? I am assuming we can say CNN or Huffington Post but aren’t they just part of the cog too? Technology is a blessing and a curse to say the least. Too much information leads to too much sorting out. Many of us don’t have the time or even the will to do so. I am not claiming to have an answer, it was just a question that has popped up that I wanted to share with you all. Maybe you have an idea or thought to help with this seemingly unanswerable question. 

Any and all thoughts are welcome!