Lyrical Poems

I decided that I wanted to start writing poems more often. I usually find some sort of block when I try to do this, so I found a way to mend that problem. Lyrics. 

All my life music has been very important to me. I know song lyrics, I know albums, cover art, etc. So I am going to take song titles and then write a poem afterwards. I am picking the titles either from a song that hit me sometime that day, or if no song has grabbed my attention, I will refer to shuffle on iTunes. If you have any ideas or songs you would like me to use, I will. 


Todays poem is based off Down By The Seaside by Led Zeppelin. 

Down by the seaside I saw my baby

He was walking on top of the water coming towards me

I was trying my hardest to get to him, but he seemed out of reach

As I closed my eyelids there he was again, deep inside my mind. 

My eyes opened again to see him standing in front of me

I yet could not touch him. 

He was unreachable. There was a block between us. 

Inside my mind holds the key, I just need to find it.